How it Works

The simplest way to get paid for your phones tablets and more

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Gizmo Grind
Select your device
  • Find your device and how much it's worth in seconds
  • Choose your preferred payment method
  • Lastly, add your shipping details
Gizmo Grind
Gizmo Grind
You'll get one of our prepaid shipping labels emailed to you.

Now package your device. Any used but steady box will do just fine. If you don't have packaging materials, bubble mailers are available at your local post office. Your quote is locked in for 30 days to give you time to get it shipped out. We recommend shipping it out sooner so we can get your payment out fast.

Pre-Shipping checklist

Sign out of any iCloud or Google accounts before doing a reset.

Be sure to cover up any old shipping label or address on your package so that only your new shipping label is visible.

Package your device securely so that it is not loose or making contact with the box's walls. Use flyers, newspapers, or pretty much anything to pad the walls of the box.

Drop it off at a local USPS location.

Here is where you can drop it off:

  • Any CVS
  • USPS post office
  • Or search for a drop off location here.
Gizmo Grind
Now sit tight while our team gets to work inspecting your device. Once a technician gives the all-clear, your payment goes out the same business day or the next day. The average time to payment is 3-4 days from the day you ship your device.
What happens if you decide my device is worth less than my original quote?

Say you chose the "Flawless" condition, but we find a dead battery or scratches on it. We'll downgrade your quote to "good" and contact you about the change before making payment. You'll have the option to accept or refuse the quote. If you choose to decline your new quote, we'll send your device back at no cost. Our Ironclad Guarantee gives you peace of mind that you will never spend a penny trying us out.

Gizmo Grind
Carbon fighting machine

One tree planted

Once we pay for your Gizmos, we work with our partners at OneTreePlanted to plant one tree for every device sold. So somewhere they'll be a seedling living out its life because of your trade-in.

We are serious about privacy and security.

Gizmo Grind

Physical security

  • Closed-circuit cameras monitor all devices during the inspection
  • Technicians process devices in a designated secure section of the building

Gizmo Grind

Employee vetting

  • Thorough employee background checks
  • Enforced privacy policy and procedures when handling devices

Gizmo Grind

Advanced Data Security

Software-based encrypted data reset rewrites the data on your iPhone Android Phone or tablet multiple times and erasing it after each time. By using software, we can make sure we are removing all data from your device. GizmoGrind was interviewed by CBC, describing this process in more detail here.

We strongly recommend signing out of your accounts and resetting your device before shipping it to us.