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Samsung Phone Trade in

A Trade in Program for and by Canadians. Offering you the most cash back for your used Samsung Phone.

Sell Your Samsung

Choose Your Model   

  • Galaxy S3

    Galaxy S3

  • Galaxy S4 Mini

    Galaxy S4 Mini

  • Galaxy S4

    Galaxy S4

  • Galaxy S5

    Galaxy S5

  •  Galaxy S5 Neo

    Galaxy S5 Neo

  • Galaxy S5 Active

    Galaxy S5 Active

  • Galaxy S6

    Galaxy S6

  • Galaxy S6 Edge

    Galaxy S6 Edge

  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

    Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

  • Galaxy S6 Active

    Galaxy S6 Active

  • Galaxy S7

    Galaxy S7

  • Galaxy S7 Edge

    Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Galaxy S7 Active

    Galaxy S7 Active

  • Galaxy S8

    Galaxy S8

  • Galaxy S8 Plus

    Galaxy S8 Plus

  • Galaxy S9

    Galaxy S9

  • Galaxy S9 Plus

    Galaxy S9 Plus

  • S10e 128GB

    S10e 128GB

  • S10e 256GB

    S10e 256GB

  • S10 128GB

    S10 128GB

  • S10 512GB

    S10 512GB

  • S10 Plus 128GB

    S10 Plus 128GB

  • S10 Plus 512GB

    S10 Plus 512GB

  • S10 Plus 1TB

    S10 Plus 1TB

  • S20 5G

    S20 5G

  • S20+ 5G 128GB

    S20+ 5G 128GB

  • S20+ 5G 512GB

    S20+ 5G 512GB

  • S20 Ultra 5G 128GB

    S20 Ultra 5G 128GB

  • S20 Ultra 5G 512GB

    S20 Ultra 5G 512GB

  • S20 FE 5G

    S20 FE 5G

  • S21 5G 128GB

    S21 5G 128GB

  • S21 5G 256GB

    S21 5G 256GB

  • S21 Plus 5G 128GB

    S21 Plus 5G 128GB

  • S21 Plus 5G 256GB

    S21 Plus 5G 256GB

  • S21 Ultra 5G 128GB

    S21 Ultra 5G 128GB

  • S21 Ultra 5G 256GB

    S21 Ultra 5G 256GB

  • S21 Ultra 5G 512GB

    S21 Ultra 5G 512GB

  • Note 2

    Note 2

  • Note 3

    Note 3

  • Note 4

    Note 4

  • Note Edge

    Note Edge

  • Note 5

    Note 5

  • Note 8

    Note 8

  • Note 9

    Note 9

  • Note 10

    Note 10

  • Note 10 Plus

    Note 10 Plus

  • Note 20

    Note 20

  • Note 20 Ultra 128GB

    Note 20 Ultra 128GB

  • Note 20 Ultra 512GB

    Note 20 Ultra 512GB

  • Alpha


  • Galaxy Mega

    Galaxy Mega

  • Galaxy Mega 2

    Galaxy Mega 2

  • Grand Prime

    Grand Prime

  • Galaxy Xcover 4

    Galaxy Xcover 4

  • Galaxy J2

    Galaxy J2

  • Galaxy J3 J320W

    Galaxy J3 J320W

  • Galaxy J3 SM J337

    Galaxy J3 SM J337

  • Galaxy J3 Prime J327

    Galaxy J3 Prime J327

  • Galaxy J5

    Galaxy J5

  • Galaxy J5 Prime

    Galaxy J5 Prime

  • Galaxy J7

    Galaxy J7

  • Galaxy J7 Prime

    Galaxy J7 Prime

  • Galaxy A5 A500

    Galaxy A5 A500

  • Galaxy A5 A520

    Galaxy A5 A520

  • Galaxy A7

    Galaxy A7

  • Galaxy A8 2016

    Galaxy A8 2016

  • Galaxy A8 A530

    Galaxy A8 A530

  • Galaxy A9

    Galaxy A9

  • Galaxy A10

    Galaxy A10

  • Galaxy A10E

    Galaxy A10E

  • Galaxy A20

    Galaxy A20

  • Galaxy A20S

    Galaxy A20S

  • Galaxy A30

    Galaxy A30

  • Galaxy A30s

    Galaxy A30s

  • Galaxy A50

    Galaxy A50

  • Galaxy A51

    Galaxy A51

  • Galaxy A70

    Galaxy A70

  • Galaxy A71

    Galaxy A71

  • Galaxy Z Flip

    Galaxy Z Flip

How it Works

Sell Your Samsung Phone in Three Quick Steps

Get a quote

Choose How to Get Paid

Choose between Interac e-transfer, Cheque, Apple Gift Card and PayPal.

Shipping Option

Get a quote

Select the model of your Galaxy device and the condition it’s in to instantly find out what we will pay you.

payment Options

Choose Your Shipping Option

You can choose to receive a GizmoGrind Shipping Kit with everything you need ship back your device. For the shipping savvy, print out our prepaid label and package it yourself. Use this option for even faster service.

Get Paid

Finish Line

That’s it! In 1 minute or less you can create a buyback order. Once we receive your device a GizmoGrind geek takes a look to make sure everything is as described and payment is sent out the same day.

The GizmoGrind Advantage

Highest Trade in Value Guaranteed.

No other carrier or Manufacturer trade up offers higher payouts for your used Samsung phone.

Trade in Value

Rapid payout

We’re crazy fast. Here are the expected days to payment depending on where you live:

days per city

Other Services take from between two weeks to a month until you receive payment.


Drippin’ Shipping

Our Samsung Galaxy Trade in program gives you peace of mind with simple shipping. Use our shipping kits delivered using expedited parcel straight to your door. It’s on us, you don’t pay a dime. No need to worry about printing labels or packaging. Our custom GizmoGrind shipping kit has all the goodies needed to send your smartphone in.

payment methods

Kiss Store Credit Goodbye

No store credit. Choose between interact transfer, Cheque, Apple Gift Card or PayPal. We make it easy to choose what you want to do with your money. Sweet cash = sweet freedom!


If for any reason we have to downgrade your buy back quote and you’re not happy, we return your device at no cost at all.

Kick the Classifieds

On Kijiji and Craigslist you’ll spend time posting, meeting and negotiating only to meet strangers who decide to pass on the transaction. GizmoGrind gives you rapid payouts and professional customer service. Strangers not included

money for phone
Carbon fighting machine

Carbon fighting machine

One tree is planted for every device sold to us. With our partnership with we’ve planted thousands of trees across the Americas and Africa to offset the environmental costs our phones have on the planet.

Every year, electronics end up in landfills unnecessarily. Your old smartphone contains hazardous chemicals that can leach out from landfills and get into groundwater, streams and eventually plants and wildlife. The petroleum and chemicals in the plastics and glues, are hurting the worlds ecosystems.

Reuse is the best way to deal with e-waste, and we make that happen. Whatever can’t be reused is responsibly broken down by our vetted recycling vendors and reincarnated into the world as other products.

Word through the Grapevine

  • Reviews
  • Scott Galiant
  • "Service is excellent. Quick turn around time. Honest company. They short changed us by $26 and I wouldn't have known, but one of their cofounders emailed me advising and asked if we'd like another cheque, or Paypal. Would recommend in a heartbeat."
  • Verify on Facebook
  • Google Plus User Review
  • Rob Tanner
  • So glad I found this company ! Much better than risking it on Kijiji...I received amazing service and follow up, and responses to any questions within minutes…
  • Verify on Google
  • Google Plus User Review
  • Chris Taylor
  • One of the smoothest, quickest transactions I have ever completed online! Their customer service was excellent, emails were friendly and personable. I look forward to dealing with them again for my next device!
  • Verify on Google
  • Smily
  • User Review
  • Mickey Kokura
  • I just sold my Samsung S4, the experience was simple and awesome!!"
  • Verify on Facebook
  • Gizmo Grind User Review
  • Lisa Runge Faubert
  • "Excellent, prompt service! When Canada Post let me know the device had been shipped, I followed up via email and heard back within the day to reassure me that they had received it and were just giving it a once-over. Easy and safe. Highly recommend!"
  • Verify on Facebook
  • gplus Review
  • Elvan Ayverdi
  • Couldn't be easier and faster to sell your phone online. Very Convenient and definitely reliable. I got my payment in two days. Just perfect !
  • Verify on Google
  • gplus review
  • Julien Delorme
  • Great customer service. Sent my phone in with the easy to print label. Received an email within 1 week to inform me that my payment was on its way.
  • Verify on Google
  • User Review
trade in your phone in Canada

We get it, Androids are getting expensive. Samsung Galaxy Phones are at the top of that list.

GizmoGrind offers a fresh new way to save on your next upgrade. We offer you more money than traditional trade up programs. Plus the coolest staff ever to serve you.

If you’ve tried other options and wondering where can I sell my Samsung than GizmoGrind is your next stop to trade-in bliss!

Get up to $550 in cash payouts. That’s a big chunk of savings toward your next Galaxy Upgrade.


How do I get started?

Click the get started button on the top right of your screen. From there you’ll choose your model and the condition of your device to get an instant quote.

How can GizmoGrind Pay more than Samsung?

Manufacturers use third party companies, like ours, to help with their buyback programs. GizmoGrind cuts out the middle man. This means your device goes directly into our distribution channels instead of being routed to another company.

What happens if I choose the wrong condition?

No worries, our technicians will have a look at the device and contact you in case we have to downgrade the quote. From there you’ll have the option to accept, or have it returned to you at no cost at all as part of our Iron Clad Guarantee.

How secure is my Data with GizmoGrind?

GizmoGrind helped with a CBC piece explaining safety measures that users can take to ensure their data is not compromised when selling it. We use a software based erasure method to scramble your phones memory.