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How it Works

Sell Your iPhone in Three Quick Steps

Get a quote

Choose How to Get Paid

Choose between Interac e-transfer, Cheque, Apple Gift Card and PayPal.

Shipping Option

Get a quote

Select the model of your iPhone and the condition it’s in to instantly find out what your Smartphone is worth.

payment Options

Choose Your Shipping Option

You’ll get a GizmoGrind Shipping Kit with everything you need to send your iPhone in. For the shipping savvy, use our printable prepaid label and package it yourself for faster service. Drop it off at any Canada Post Location and you’re done!

Get Paid

Finish Line

That’s it! In 1 minute or less you’ve created your order. Once we receive your iPhone, a GizmoGrind geek does a quick inspection. If everything is as described, we send your payment out the same day.

The GizmoGrind Advantage

Highest Trade in Value Guaranteed.

No other carrier or Manufacturer trade up offers more in payouts for your phone. Not even Apple’s own GiveBack program

Trade in Value

Rapid payout

We’re crazy fast. Here are the expected days to payment depending on where you live:

days per city

The other guys take two weeks to a month until you get paid 


Drippin’ Shipping

Selling your iPhone with GizmoGrind gives you peace of mind with the option of using one of our shipping kits. Delivered fast, straight to your door! Our shipping kit has all the goodies needed to send your smartphone in safely. For even faster service, use our prepaid shipping label. It’s instantly ready to print and ship.

payment methods

Kiss Store Credit Goodbye

We don’t hold up the fun with store credit. Choose between Interac e-transfer, Cheque, Apple Gift Card or PayPal. We make it easy to choose what you want to do with your money. Sweet cash = sweet freedom!


If we have to downgrade your buy back quote and you are not satisfied, we will return your device at no cost to you. No questions asked. That’s our way of saying thanks for giving us a shot.

Kick the Classifieds

On Kijiji, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you’ll spend time posting, negotiating and fending off scams. Then you’ll trek across town and meet a stranger who might decide to pass on your iPhone. GizmoGrind gives you fast and professional service, strangers not included! Since everything is done online, you never have to leave the comfort of your home.

money for phone
Carbon fighting machine

Carbon fighting machine

We plant One tree for every iPhone sold to us. We’ve partnered with to plant thousands of trees across the Americas and Africa. This helps offset the impact that our personal electronic devices have on the planet.

Lots of our gadgets end up in landfills that shouldn’t. Most of these devices still have value and can be reused. Your iOS device contains petroleum and other chemicals that can leach out from landfills. It then gets into groundwater and waterways. Plants and wildlife consume it and so do we!

Not reusing, or properly recycling our phones hurt the ecosystem. It also hurts us.

Reusing our electronics is the best way to deal with e-waste. We make that happen! Whatever can’t be reused is responsibly broken down by our vetted recycling vendors. Core elements that make up your iPhone are then reincarnated into the world as other products.

Word through the Grapevine

  • Reviews
  • Scott Galiant
  • "Service is excellent. Quick turn around time. Honest company. They short changed us by $26 and I wouldn't have known, but one of their cofounders emailed me advising and asked if we'd like another cheque, or Paypal. Would recommend in a heartbeat."
  • Verify on Facebook
  • Google Plus User Review
  • Rob Tanner
  • So glad I found this company ! Much better than risking it on Kijiji...I received amazing service and follow up, and responses to any questions within minutes…
  • Verify on Google
  • Google Plus User Review
  • Chris Taylor
  • One of the smoothest, quickest transactions I have ever completed online! Their customer service was excellent, emails were friendly and personable. I look forward to dealing with them again for my next device!
  • Verify on Google
  • Smily
  • User Review
  • Mickey Kokura
  • I just sold my Samsung S4, the experience was simple and awesome!!"
  • Verify on Facebook
  • Gizmo Grind User Review
  • Lisa Runge Faubert
  • "Excellent, prompt service! When Canada Post let me know the device had been shipped, I followed up via email and heard back within the day to reassure me that they had received it and were just giving it a once-over. Easy and safe. Highly recommend!"
  • Verify on Facebook
  • gplus Review
  • Elvan Ayverdi
  • Couldn't be easier and faster to sell your phone online. Very Convenient and definitely reliable. I got my payment in two days. Just perfect !
  • Verify on Google
  • gplus review
  • Julien Delorme
  • Great customer service. Sent my phone in with the easy to print label. Received an email within 1 week to inform me that my payment was on its way.
  • Verify on Google
  • User Review

Want to trade in another device?

Sell My Android

Sell My iPad

Sell My Samsung

If you’re wondering where to trade in your phone in Canada, GizmoGrind will rock your world!

iPhones are among the most expensive smartphones. Since Steve Jobs released the first iPhone, every upgrade gets pricier. This leaves you with less in your bank. We can help with that!

GizmoGrind pays the most for your used iPhone. With the least amount of hassle, We help you quickly sell your old one and get your hands on a shiny new flagship model.

It’s a fresh new way to save on your next smartphone purchase. GizmoGrind offers you more cash value than traditional methods of selling your used or broken iPhone.

Get up to $785 for some models. That’s a big chunk of savings toward your next iOS device.


How does GizmoGrind Work?

GizmoGrind takes full advantage of online automation to streamline the trade in process and offer the highest cash payouts for used personal electronic devices. When you sell a phone to GizmoGrind, you essentially take advantage of our vast global distribution network. This creates a handsoff approach to phone trade ins ands allows you to have a carefree value packed trade in.

How can you offer more than Apple and Carrier trade in programs?

We are a company specializing in trade-ins only since 2013. This allows us to constantly fine tune and get better at doing this one thing right. Since we don’t have the motive of keeping customers in our ecosystem and we operate entirely online, our trade in program has become far more efficient than other options. Another reason we offer more is that Apple Renew or Apple GiveBack uses a third party to process trade ins.

What happens if I choose the wrong condition?

Our technicians will email or call you to offer a requote. If you're not happy with your new quote, you can request for your item to be mailed back to you at no charge.

Will my personal data be safe?

GizmoGrind Staff are extensively trained in data security measures. All devices we receive undergo a software hard drive scramble which goes a step beyond a normal reset. That’s why it's important to back up your iPhone before sending it in. This ensures the next user of your device cannot access files that were on your device.

Where do I drop off my shipping kit or prepaid parcel?

Any Canada post facility. This includes shoppers drug mart retail stores, or any Canada Post street deposit box.

How do I remove find my iPhone and iCloud from my iPhone?

Method 1

(if your phone is not broken and you can access settings)

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to Apple ID

3. Then tap iCloud

4. Turn off Find my iPhone

Method 2

(if your iPhone is broken or you don’t have access to it)

1. Sign in to on your web browser. We recommend using a desktop browser.

2. Find the device you're trading in and select erase.

3. Once erased, select Remove from Account.