How Shopping Works on The GizmoGrind Market

Spurred on by popular demand, GizmoGrind Market was built to connect buyers and sellers online.

Shopping on the GizmoGrind Marketplace is as easy as shopping anywhere else online. The main difference is you’re buying a used device vetted by us remotely and shipped directly to you by the end user.

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A typical buying experience

Gizmo Grind

Browse the available devices here and ask questions directly to the seller in the forum box inside each listing.

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Checkout securely with PayPal once your ready

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Shipping is free and the seller gets to packing. Your device should arrive in a couple of days 🙂

GizmoGrind Market is Built Different?
Gizmo Grind

Up to 5 times faster to list a device for sale than existing online platforms

Gizmo Grind

Significantly lower selling fees than existing online Markets

Gizmo Grind

IMEI vetting is processed before a listing is approved to ensure legitimacy of each listing

Gizmo Grind

Rapid response customer service for both sellers and buyers

Why We Launched GizmoGrind Market

When buyers get to sell their devices online, It opens a world of possibilities

  • Sellers get more for their used tech since you’re selling to all of Canada instead of a local community.
  • Buyers get better prices since many used devices on the market are being sold by business who purchased devices in bulk with many middle men, processing and logistics costs in-between that’s passed on to the buyer.
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Some HouseKeeping

Fees are simple. The buyer and the seller are both charged an equal fee of 3% which is included in the list price you see. Taxes are calculated at checkout which will vary depending on location.

Returns Procedure
  • Buyer Should contact support and request a refund detailing the reason for the refund.
  • The buyer is responsible for shipping in most cases unless the item they received was the wrong model or does not power on. Shipping must include tracking and the return shipping insurance is the responsibility of the buyer (unless item is unusable)
  • A device with an active iCloud, FindMy or Google account is not eligible for refund. Please sign out of your accounts first, then perform a factory reset to protect your data and make the device ready for use again
  • Please save your return tracking number, this is super important.
  • Once the return is delivered, GizmoGrind allows 3 business days for the seller to inspect the device and process the full refund. All Fees including taxes are refunded to both the seller and buyer.